Please reference the images and project I’m trying to achieve by having a look at a few I’ve already done this week

Doing portraits which will accompany written text I’ve asked the models to write.

Require anybody who wishes to be a part of the project there is no requirements besides you must be open and honest with the question portion of the shoot.

Will take 20-45 mins per person and will be shooting on my days off. First dates are Monday and Tuesday the 15th and 16th of April.

My contact is 0451193357 and this is a TFP based shoot.

Thank you again for your time if you bring a USB on the day of the shoot you will receive your edited image.


There has been and will be many that will haunt you,
They need not be man nor spirit to present trouble,
For all they need is your attention for a moment,
Then a moment in itself becomes a lifetime,
Forever look forward!
But be sure to feel that in which surrounds you,
For it craves your attention and with weakness,
Your distraction will mean the end of your path.
Simply put you and only you have the ability to take the things you want to achieve away from you. As it’s you who knows your weaknesses the best. And will sabotage yourself without you even knowing it. Killing the hope that laid inside you in your youth.

This rocks
You’d have to be a monkey to use a Nikon lol
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